Welcome to Shanzu Diploma Teachers' Training College, Mombasa

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To contribute to the provision of quality education and training for manpower development.


Become a leading centre of excellence in Education and Training for a better society.

Mr. Harun Njoroge
The Registrar

Message from,
The Registrar

Welcome to Shanzu Teachers’ Training College, the college with a difference. The Dean of curriculum’s office coordinates teaching, learning and co-curricular programs in the College. Thus we are concerned with the Academic Standards in the College.  

The office enrolls and registers all the students when they report to the College and keep a record of each student throughout the course. As they join the Shanzu Fraternity, we want to know, “Are they focused”? “Do they have a goal in life”? We expect them to work towards achieving a better life through education for themselves. To achieve success, an individual, must take seriously all the programs in the College. Each rung of the ladder to success must be stepped with a lot of care and firmness.

There are” Continuous Assessment Tests” set by the Tutors and the “External Examinations” set by KNEC.   There is the Cultural Festival, the Teaching Practice, Games and Sports. However whatever programme or activity that you are compelled to do while at Shanzu, it brings you closer to achieving your Academic goals.

With effect from September 2004, the Primary Teacher Education Curriculum was revised by the Ministry of Education. The improvement on the syllabus was necessitated by the need to make the Curriculum reflect and respond to the changes in the society as emphasized in various education forums. During the first year of the course, you are required to study the following subjects, Education, English, Kiswahili, Physical health Education, Mathematics, Integrated Science ( which includes: Science, Agriculture and Home science) Religious Education ( Christian  & Islamic), Social Studies, Creative Arts (Music & Art/Craft) and Information & Communication Technology which are all compulsory.

At the end of the 1st year you will be required to sit for the Mid-Course Examination in all the above mentioned subjects .If you fail three subjects, you will be required to seat for a Supplementary. If you fail in the supplementary examination or in more than three examinations you shall repeat the First Year.

In the 2nd year of the course you are expected to study the core subjects, i.e. English, Kiswahili, Education, Physical Health Education and I.C.T. which are all compulsory.

Apart from these subjects, depending on your performance at the mid-course examination you will either select subjects in option A or B.






Home Science


Art and Craft


Social Studies


Religious Education


Your class tutors are very important in your life in the college; through them you get guidance and direction for all your subject areas. Be close to them and seek their help and wise counsel. Subject tutors are equally important, know their names and consult them frequently

Your success is our business therefore every activity must be done with diligence and dignity. You must uphold the good name and image of our college “Mother Shanzu” and climb up that ladder with great determination and care.  You must climb that ladder


Wishing you a successful academic year

The Registrar welcomes you to Shanzu TTC, Mombasa