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To contribute to the provision of quality education and training for manpower development.


Become a leading centre of excellence in Education and Training for a better society.

Mrs. Doris K. Mwamburi
The Deputy Principal

Message from,

Discipline is the mother of all success. Discipline is what distinguishes a person from a crowd. It helps one to take control of his or her, time and resources. A disciplined person will achieve what he/she has set do despite any existing challenges.

On the other hand indiscipline is the father of all trouble. Cases of indiscipline are reported time and again at Shanzu. The result of indiscipline among student has been panic, tears, restlessness, regret, anger, stress, anxiety as a result of punishment or suspension from college.

Common offences by students that result to punishment, suspension and repeating of a class include;

  1. Insubordination
  2. Stealing
  3. Drunkard ness
  4. Negligence to duty
  5. Using abusive language
  6. Indecent dressing
  7. Sneaking out of college
  8. Fighting
  9. Bullying
  10. Immorality
  11. Pregnancy and abortion
  12. Poor academic performance
  13. Cheating in examinations

I’m calling upon all students to be disciplined and to live exemplary lives worth their calling as teachers/managers. A challenge to the ladies is to live to the promise made in one of the forms in the admission letter (ref STTC/FORM A) to remain free from pregnancy throughout the training course!

It is not amusing to extend the stay in Shanzu by an extra year or two! This is frustrating, time wasting and waste of resources! Otherwise with discipline, programs will run on as scheduled with no stress at all! This can be done, play your part! We need to uphold good discipline to lead peaceful and fruitful lives at Shanzu.

Success is having done what one had planned to do. It is also defined as a good result of gaining a higher position in life. Success results to one being happy and fulfilled in life. It also results in one having a lot of wealth/property etc. Academic success is what all of us dream about. Your being in Shanzu is the first step towards becoming successful in the teaching profession. Below are should be your principles if you want success:


A dream/vision stands for a drive usually in one’s subconscious mind. It helps to motivate a person to pursue the successful achievements in life. The dream you have will be the one to give you the drive and urge thus preventing you from getting discouraged or tired.


Desire plus actions gives explosive success. To succeed in academic pursuits have a burning desire that cannot be quenched by anything.


Never accept defeat, persist in the direction of your dream. In times of delays determination is something that keeps one up.


With a clear direction for excellence, one can never be derailed. This will keep one in focus and will not allow one’s feet to be swept away from the path to success.


With diligence, there’s no height that you cannot attain. This will place you among the highly placed personalities.


As said above, discipline is what distinguishes a person from a crowd. It helps one to take control of his/her, time and resources around him/her. Discipline is what will make you become what you really want to become in life:


We make decisions daily and these either make us successful or failures in life. Strive to make right decisions. Ask God to help you make right decisions always.


Discipline: is the mother of all success

The Deputy Principal welcomes you to Shanzu TTC, Mombasa