Welcome to Shanzu Diploma Teachers' Training College, Mombasa

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To contribute to the provision of quality education and training for manpower development.


Become a leading centre of excellence in Education and Training for a better society.

Mrs. Selina Abuko
The Dean Of Students

Message from,
The Dean Of Students

Welcome to Shanzu T.T.C for your studies and for the period you will be here, take the college as a home away form home.

From the Office of the Dean of Students, we look into welfare of the students in terms of meals, health, boarding and entertainment among others. To ensure a smooth running, the college has a set of rules and regulations that every student has to observe. We have the college mandate, vision, mission, motto and slogan which serve as the backbone. It is imperative that all students read and internalize the stated, in order to ensure good performance, and life long learning.

The Core values that are in the College Service Charter, should not be left out, they are meant for students to embrace and adhere to at all times. It is for this reason that the office works very close with the Guidance and Counseling office to try have the students appreciate all that we cherish as a College.

For the college smooth administration, the office has the student’s council which links it to the student’s body. It is therefore necessary that students should know the right channel for reporting their grievances in order to avoid any misunderstandings amongst them.

We also have dorm tutors who work with the dorm heads to ensure all is well in terms of issues related to boarding. Students, who have problems in term of nutrition, are requested to submit an official letter from the government hospital and also apply for the same to the head of the Institution through this office for us to be able to assist. It is important to understand that the meals we serve are the same for all, apart from the few with health problems. Do consult the DOS’s office to get advice on all aspect of your happy stay in the college.

Incase of sickness, the college is in a position to deal with the minor ailments at the college dispensary for any complex problems, the parents has to take full responsibility.

Your Home, away from home

The Dean Of Students welcomes you to Shanzu TTC, Mombasa