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To contribute to the provision of quality education and training for manpower development.


Become a leading centre of excellence in Education and Training for a better society.

Dr. Peter Ekabu
The Chief Principal

Message from,
The Chief Principal

The teaching profession is arguably the “greatest of all professions”. The quality of education and training of the citizens (Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Religious leaders, Politicians, etc) of any country depends on the foundation laid down by teachers at the formative stages. Therefore, the teachers produced by the Teachers’ Training Institutions and particularly those who train to teach in the Primary Schools must be highly trained and disciplined. This is because they deal with young minds that are like wet clay that can be molded. A professional teacher has great influence and serves as an agent of change at individual and societal levels.

The influence of a teacher has ripple effect, they affect eternity. We can never fathom where the influence of a teacher ends. This is why the teacher trainers, throughout the training period, lay emphasis on self-discipline the inner urge of an individual to be creative, authentic, mature, morally upright, with high degree of integrity and above all God-fearing. As a teacher trainee you cannot afford to miss this type of discipline, otherwise you  may graduate and get employment, but you may never survive in the teaching profession. This college is committed to education and training of professional teachers, managers, and technical experts who are decent, intelligent, mature, and self- disciplined. We believe that our society needs such people.

 One of the goals of the Kenyan Education and Training is the promoting of social justices, morality, social obligation and responsibility. It is therefore expected that by the time a student has graduated from school and colleges have developed good moral character, based on excellence and integrity; high sense of responsibility, sincerity, honesty, willingness to learn more, and courtesy, amongst others.

The college has been organized in such a way that, learning opportunities is provided for the attainment of good character formation. The college curriculum provides formal and informal learning opportunities which insist on the discipline of the individual students. During formal sessions and practical in class, class tutors, and subject tutors will emphasize on the need to develop good character. During Clubs and Societies, Guidance and Counseling sessions, and Games and Sports a lot about leadership and discipline will be taught. 

In other words there is no program in this college which leaves out discipline, even the Friday assemblies and any other gathering that the college may hold, discipline is emphasized greatly. This is because we know that discipline is vital to the students’ academic, social and professional success.

Besides the curriculum which provides the opportunity to learn and practice good discipline, the government has empowered the college management through the “Education Act Chapter 211 (1968) revised (1980) in” laws of Kenya” legal notice No. 40/1972 entitled: “School Discipline –regulations” this shows how vital discipline is. From the education Act and other government Acts, the College Board of Management, has developed rules and regulations which guide the activities of the students. In case of indiscipline, the individual student will be punished; depending on the severity of the offense. For Sexual Immorality, Theft, Drunkenness, Violence, Insubordination, Laziness, and Absenteeism, the student will be suspended, and will be asked to be accompanied by the parent/guardian to the college to sort out the problem with the college disciplinary committee, normally chaired by the Deputy Principal. Beyond this level, the matter of discipline is discussed by the Board of Management which may recommend for punishment within the college or expulsion.

The college administration has allows the students to choose their own leaders and form a “Students’ Council.” There are also other student leaders who participate fully in the Student’s Welfare Committee under the Dean of Students. This will help the college management to know the students feelings and take prompt action. The college administration expects the students to understand the Rules and Regulations and the College’s Service Charter and play their roles well. We encourage development of self discipline the students then reap the fruit thereof.

     “Teaching” the Greatest of all Professions

The Chief Principal welcomes you to Shanzu TTC, Mombasa