Welcome to Shanzu Diploma Teachers' Training College, Mombasa

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The liberal arts are a large field that encompasses many majors that deal with society and changes that occur in it. They recognize these changes shape societies, decide social movements and shift various structures of society. The courses offered prepare the trainees for the outside world with ability to communicate effectively, think comprehensively and capacity build their spaces. Possible work environments include ministries, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, social services in health facilities / care homes and as instructors in vocational training centers. Our exams are through the Kenya National Examinations Council and the performance has been above the credit score in the last 5 years. The department is growing to increase more courses and create more partnerships with stakeholders, and produce holistic trainees.

In a changing and ever emerging world, we welcome all to join Shanzu TTC as an institution that is positioned to produce world class trainees in the liberal arts and other affiliate course